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A community we care about.

Taking Care of Our Communities

The Foundation’s annual Golf and Tennis Classic has raised over $3.5 million for Breast Cancer Research since its inception in 2005. These funds have enabled local hospitals and other cancer-focused organizations in our community to continue ongoing research and provide support services—all dedicated to putting an end to breast cancer.

To learn more about the annual EagleBank Foundation Golf and Tennis Classic, visit

Established in 2009, the Eagle Helping Hands program facilitates employee giving and volunteering. Our mission is to create worthwhile and exciting opportunities for EagleBank Employees to express their community spirit. With Eagle Helping Hands, employees get involved with others, build new friendships inside and outside the bank, while benefiting our community and our bank. An ongoing Eagle Helping Hands event...

Shepherd’s Table: Eagle Helping Hands volunteers partner with Shepherd’s Table, an organization in Silver Spring, Maryland that offers basic services, including meals, social services, medical support, clothing and other assistance to the homeless. With the organization, our volunteers do everything from gardening to serving food to those who are less fortunate.

Since 2002, our employees have been participating in the National Capital Area Kidney Walk -- Founded By The Ron and Joy Paul Foundation, which has grown from approximately 40 walkers to over 1,000, and has raised over $1,800,000. In 2017 alone, over 30 employees participated in the walk, raising over $25,000—our best fundraising effort to-date.

In cooperation with the Montgomery College Foundation, EagleBank awards an annual scholarship to a student pursuing financial studies at Montgomery College, who will then move on to complete a degree at the Smith Business School at the Universities at Shady Grove.

Education Initiatives

On May 7, 2015, EagleBank entered into a long-term relationship with George Mason University. It is broad-based and multi-faceted. EagleBank has been providing scholarships to students, hiring graduates and alumni, sponsoring internships, hosting speaker series, and more.

And as part of the agreement, on July 1, 2015 the Patriot Center was renamed the EagleBank Arena. Home to Mason basketball games, high school graduations, concerts and events, the EagleBank Arena has over half a million visitors a year.

This alliance is just further evidence of our strong support for Northern Virginia and for the community generally. At EagleBank, we never forget that community is the first word in community bank.

For more details, see the press release here.

In the past, our employees have collected school supplies to donate to the Children’s Program at the District Alliance for Safe Housing (DASH), which provides housing opportunities and support services for homeless families in the District of Columbia.

Since 2012, EagleBank has partnered with EverFi to bring their web-based financial literacy course to students. By using the latest in new-media technology to bring financial concepts to life, students learned critical skills that will help them become better-informed, more responsible citizens. There are fourteen schools participating in the program—four in DC, three in Maryland, five in Fairfax County and one each in Arlington and Loudoun Counties. 

Current EverFi Program Reach
In EagleBank Sponsored Schools

Total Active Schools Total Students Reached Total Modules Completed Total Estimated Hours
5 1,119 5,752 4,314


EagleBank Sponsored EverFi Schools

Anacostia Senior High School Engaged DC
Annandale High School Active Virginia
Bryant Alternative Learning Center Active Virginia
Cesar Chavez Charter School - Capitol Hill Trained DC
Cesar Chavez Charter School - Parkside Trained DC
Falls Church High School Committed Virginia
Cool Spring Elementary School Trained MD
Imagine Lincoln Public Charter Trained MD
  Mount Vernon High School Active Virginia
 Park View High School  Active Virginia
Samuel P. Massie Academy Trained MD
Stuart High School Trained Virginia
Thurgood Marshall Academy Committed DC
Wakefield High School Active Virginia


EagleBank’s Chief Financial Officer, Charles Levingston, took to the classroom for a day to share some first-hand knowledge with a group of exceptionally bright second-graders. The students at Bannockburn Elementary School in Bethesda, Maryland, joined in an interesting discussion on some of the basic principles of banking and finance.