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Manage your information safely and securely and protect your accounts from fraud. EagleBank has solutions to help you protect your information so you can concentrate on your business.

ACH Debit Authorization

Protect your accounts from unauthorized ACH debits. Block all ACH debits or choose the companies that are allowed to debit your accounts via ACH. Review any companies requesting a debit from your account(s) and manage your authorized ACH debitors. Take control of your payables.

Account Reconciliation

Automate the balancing and reconciliation of your accounts. Eliminate time-consuming, expensive and potential inaccurate manual sorting, tracking and balancing. With EagleBank’s Account Reconciliation service, you can receive a daily, weekly or monthly report of your account activity broken down by transaction type. Speed your reconciliation process and create more time for building your business.


Combat check fraud with an early warning system. EagleBank’s Positive Pay solutions work together with your check issuing process to verify each check presented to the bank. Any questionable checks will be brought to your attention and you can then choose to pay or return them. Simple process for important protection.