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Eagle Bancorp, Inc.'s 2nd Quarter 2024 Earnings Conference Call will be held on July 25, 2024. Click here to listen to the webcast.

FHA Multifamily Lending Programs

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) provides mortgage insurance to approved lenders to make loans to borrowers for multifamily properties. As an approved FHA Multifamily Lender, EagleBank provides access to the flexibility of the FHA multifamily loan programs on an expedited basis and financing can be secured for acquisitions, refinancing, moderate rehabilitation, substantial rehabilitation or new construction. These loans facilitate non-recourse, long-term, fixed-rate, fully-amortizing financing, and allow financing through the issuance of tax-exempt bonds and mortgage-backed securities. We help determine the FHA-Insured program that best suits your specific needs to provide you the ideal solution with the lowest cost of financing.


Multifamily Rental Acquisition or Refinance

FHA 223(f) provides FHA-insured, non-recourse, long-term, fixed-rate financing for refinancing existing properties, new acquisitions and/or moderate rehabilitation of multifamily properties. In coordination with EagleBank's Commercial Real Estate lending division, we can arrange for interim/bridge financing to facilitate new acquisitions or acquisition rehabilitation transactions.

Click here for terms & conditions on FHA’s Section 223(f) Program.

Refinance of an Existing FHA Multifamily Rental Insured Loan

FHA 223(a)(7) provides streamlined refinancing of existing FHA-insured multifamily loans. Costs associated with refinancing, including prepayment, are included.

Click here for terms & conditions on FHA’s Section 223(a)(7) Program.

Multifamily Rental New Construction or Substantial Rehabilitation Financing

FHA 221(d)(4) provides FHA-insured, non-recourse, long-term, fixed-rate financing for new construction or substantial rehabilitation of multifamily rental properties.

Click here for terms & conditions on FHA’s Section 221(d)(4) Program.

Acquisiton and Refinancing of Healthcare Properties

FHA 232/223(f) provides FHA-insured, non-recourse, long-term, fixed-rate financing for the purchase or refinancing with or without repairs of existing projects not requiring substantial rehabilitation and which are a minimum of three (3) years old.

Click here for terms & conditions on FHA’s Section 232/223(f) Lean Program.

About the Team

FHA Multifamily Lending was the strategical next-step in pursuing EagleBank’s commitment to the multifamily rental sector throughout the Metro DC area. We can now provide the continuum of debt products for the multifamily rental ownership community, from development to long-term permanent financing. EagleBank’s dedicated team of multifamily professionals are capable advisors for sophisticated and new borrowers alike. We leverage strong working relationships to shepherd your multifamily real estate project through application, closing and follow-through. And we always keep your long-term goals in mind, ensuring that each loan makes sense to your strategy.

Contact Us

For more information about our FHA Multifamily financing services, please email us at or call:

Rich Devaney
SVP, Director FHA Multifamily Lending

Julie Tyler
SVP, Chief Underwriter, FHA

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