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Night Depository

Getting to the bank during business hours can be hard. Take advantage of EagleBank’s Night Depository Services. Night Deposit has the following helpful features for businesses: special lock bags that offer more security, validated deposit receipts, and no more standing in line waiting for a teller to verify your cash.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes provide a safe place to keep jewelry, cash, stamp and coin collections, negotiable instruments such as stock certificates and bonds, and items that are not replaceable or that have sentimental value. EagleBank does not insure contents of safe deposit boxes.

Business Debit Cards

Make purchases using your Business Debit Card at any merchant that accepts it. Funds are debited directly from your corresponding EagleBank account.

Business Check Orders

Order new business checks online. Click on image below to go to our check order page to sign in and order checks for your business accounts.


Other Banking Services