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Eagle Bancorp, Inc.'s 2nd Quarter 2024 Earnings Conference Call will be held on July 25, 2024. Click here to listen to the webcast.

Streamline your payables and receivables processes. EagleBank has solutions that will help you speed up your collections, improve expense management and maximize your cash flow.


Autobooks is a fully integrated payments and accounting platform designed for small businesses and delivered through ExecuBank Business Online Banking.  It provides a receivables solution (invoicing and payments), an at-a-glance dashboard of your EagleBank accounts, and automated reporting and bookkeeping functionality.

Autobooks helps save you time when it comes to managing invoices and bookkeeping tasks and streamlines your accounting processes.

Click here for more information on this important tool that is sure to help free up your time so you can focus on your most important task – growing your small business.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Reduce costs and save time. Convert paper transactions to electronic. With ACH services via EagleBank’s ExecuBank Online Banking, you can initiate payable and receivable ACH transactions online securely and efficiently. Create a custom online template, upload your ACH file or send ACH information via a secure FTP site. Increase control over your cash flow.

Business Credit Cards

Choosing the right card has never been easier. EagleBank offers, through a third-party vendor, a wealth of card options to suit your business’ needs. Maintain control of spending by using a business credit card for account payables, purchasing, travel and entertainment. Control spending at the cardholder level. Enhance your payment process.

No matter which card you choose, you’ll enjoy important features like:

  • EMV smart chip technology for added security

  • Mobile purchasing capability for added convenience

  • Plus much more!

To learn more about our different business credit card options and to apply today, visit here.        

Business Online Payroll

Focus on your business without the distraction of administering payroll. The smart alternative to costly traditional payroll services, Business Online Payroll from EagleBank, is designed specifically for small businesses. Every pay period, simply enter payroll information securely online and we’ll take care of everything from payroll taxes to paying your employees.

Learn more about Business Online Payroll.

Business Debit Card

Make purchases using your Business Debit Card at any merchant that accepts it. Funds are debited directly from your corresponding EagleBank account.

Cash Concentration

Consolidate your deposits with ease. EagleBank’s Automated Cash Concentration service allows you to better manage your daily cash position. Consolidate your funds from multiple locations to your EagleBank account(s) automatically. Manage multiple locations easily and consolidate funds securely, with flexible input options and robust reporting capabilities.

Controlled Disbursement

Manage your daily cash position. Fund your daily disbursements and leverage excess funds. With EagleBank’s Controlled Disbursement service, you can receive your daily funding totals early in the day, so you can fund daily disbursements in advance and maximize use of excess funds.

Instant Payments

Send or receive a payment instantly at any time. EagleBank’s Instant Payments service lets you send and receive payments through The Clearing House Real Time Payments network. Pay your employees, vendors, and suppliers the same day including weekends and holidays. Receive payments from your vendors the same day including weekends and holidays.


Streamline your receivables management and save time. EagleBank’s Lockbox services are an effective solution for collecting large volumes of check payments. With a variety of options, we can custom tailor a lockbox delivery solution to meet your specific needs. And with same-day online viewing of checks and remittance documentation, you can quickly and efficiently reconcile account receivables.

Merchant Services

Increase sales opportunities and streamline your business cash flow with convenient, cost-effective and secure merchant payment processing solutions. Put payments to work faster, give your customers flexible payment options, leverage leading technology and keep data safe and secure.

To learn more about smart, customized point of sale devices that make running your business easier and accepting payments from your customers seamless, visit here.

Remote Deposit

Deposit your checks without leaving the office. EagleBank’s Remote Deposit service lets you deposit your checks right from your desktop, so you can stay on top of your business. Scan your checks on a bank-approved scanner, then transmit them directly to your EagleBank account(s). View your deposit history for up to two years online.

Vault Services

Handle your cash safely and securely. EagleBank’s Vault services provide a variety of options to securely and safely transport cash to and from your business locations. Cash deposits are picked up via armored car services and electronically credited to your account(s). Coin and currency delivery is available to bring the cash you need, when you need it. Online tracking and reporting is available.

Wire Transfer

Initiate wire transfers online easily and securely. EagleBank’s Wire Transfer service, available via ExecuBank Online Banking, allows you to initiate domestic and international wires in USD or a variety of foreign currencies. Secure access includes security tokens and optional dual approval.

Other Treasury Management Services