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The Goldman Sachs Investment Sweep Account
Goldman Sachs funds are offered through EagleBank.  Today’s competitive investment environment demands intelligent cash management techniques.  You need to maximize income earned on operating cash reserves and minimize risk while enjoying flexibility and easy access to your funds.

Now EagleBank is making available to select customers a powerful cash management tool -- The Goldman Sachs Investment Sweep Account -- a checking account that performs like an investment account.

We designed The Goldman Sachs Investment Sweep Account to help make your money work harder and improve your financial control.  You enjoy:

  • The assurance of knowing excess operating cash balances in your checking account is invested conservatively to seek higher potential yields, plus

  • The convenience of earning current income without you spending time to move money between accounts or handle burdensome paperwork, plus

  • The opportunity to earn income without committing your operating cash to term investments.

A Conservative Cash Management Solution
At EagleBank, we recognize the challenges you face in effectively managing your money, and we are committed to providing the exceptional service and sophisticated financial alternatives you need to help make the most of your resources.  That’s why we are pleased to offer you this new financial program with unique access to conservative, money market investments seeking high current income.  Your existing checking balances are invested in a money market fund distributed by Goldman, Sachs & Co.

An Automatic Daily Sweep
With The Goldman Sachs Investment Sweep Account, all cash above a predetermined amount in your checking account—the “sweep point”—is automatically swept at the end of each day and invested the following day by computer into a high-quality money market portfolio.  So every dollar that is swept out of your account is promptly put to work earning current money market yields. Conversely, if your checking balance drops below the preset sweep point, money is automatically swept back from the money fund portfolio to maintain that minimum balance.

The Benefits of the Cash Sweep Program:

  • Opportunity to automatically earn money market rates on excess cash in your checking account.

  • Many of the benefits of traditional checking combined with access to money market investments seeking high current income.

Ready access to your operating cash whenever you want through unlimited check writing privileges.

  • Dividend income declared daily and paid monthly.

  • Professional management of your cash reserves.

  • A choice of taxable and tax-exempt money market funds tailored to meet your investment objectives and tax requirements.

  • Easy-to-read monthly statements showing all fund activity and income earned in your account.

How to Take Advantage of The Goldman Sachs Investment Sweep Account...
It offers you:

  • Capital preservation.

  • Convenience.

  • Liquidity and the opportunity for high returns on excess cash balances.

If you want further information, please contact any one of our branches. An EagleBank representative will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have and assist you in completing the forms.

The Goldman Sachs Investment Sweep Account is not FDIC insured, may lose value, and there is no bank guarantee.

Shares of any money market fund are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed or endorsed by, the Bank or other insured depository institution, and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or any other Government Agency, and involve investment risk including potential loss of principal.

An investment in a fund is neither insured nor guaranteed by the U.S. Government. There can be no assurance that the Funds will be able to maintain a stable net asset value of $1 per share. Fund shares are sold and distributed by Goldman, Sachs & Co., 4900 Sears Tower, Chicago, IL 60606. Goldman, Sachs is not affiliated with the Bank. Goldman, Sachs & Co., of which GSAM is a separate operating division, is a full service broker-dealer and investment banking organization which, through it and affiliates, currently may have, or may establish in the future contractual and other relationships with the Bank which are not related to the arrangements described herein. The Bank does not act as distributor for the Funds. This brochure must be accompanied by or preceded by a prospectus of Financial Square Money Market Funds or Institutional Liquid Assets Portfolios, of the Goldman Sachs Money Market Trust. More complete information about the portfolios, including investment policies, risk considerations, fees and expenses is included in the prospectus. Please read it carefully before you invest or send money.

Securities and Insurance Products:
• Not FDIC-Insured • Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency
• No Financial Institution Guarantee• May Lose Value • Not a Deposit

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