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EagleBank was created to be different. Our experience told us that banks were largely failing their communities because they were not part of them. We, therefore, set out the following beliefs by which we wish to be known and held accountable:

Your bank's home office should be minutes away by car, not hours away by plane. Bankers should be based in their communities, not assigned by distant offices that see only profits, not people.

Bankers must know more about their customers than what they read. We want to shake hands and learn names. We want to know about your business or practice. Want to talk to our CEO or president? Come in and see him. Formulas don't make good banking sense, relationships do.

All banking decisions that affect a community should be made in that community. How can a banker in North Carolina, Georgia, NY or California make timely banking decisions other than by formula? All of our officers and members of our loan committee are local. We talk face-to-face with our customers and go out and visit their businesses.

We believe that local businesses are the engines of the community. We want them to succeed and we will go "the extra mile" because they do.

We want to say "yes!" We start from that position then find a way to do just that. We're here to figure out how we can help your situation. Local businesses are by definition not "textbook." If you have a business problem that doesn't fit our solutions, we will find a new solution. It's that simple.

We offer a wide-range of banking products and services that are competitive with any bank, large or small. We are proud of our full line of loan products and state-of-the-art cash management services.

We welcome the opportunity to become your bank.  Please feel free to contact us through our Web site at www.EagleBankCorp.com or call us at (301) 986-1800.

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